In the paintings from the american cycle by Piotr Szczur, the viewer can often only see isolated artifacts; short quotes from a broader context; cropped fragments of small and large United States architecture. By means of a simple sign, a small section of the remembered reality, the artist presents the recipient with the very essence, a subjective summary of modern America. However, it should also be noted that, although Piotr Szczur shows the country’s landscape from the perspective of a tourist, in his paintings we find a deep understanding and personal relation to the places he visited. Despite moving away from realism and the fragmented way of framing reality, the artist is able to show the viewer a unique atmosphere, the characteristic climate of Arizona’s red deserts, empty interstate highways or the bustling beaches of the West Coast. – Marcin Krajewski

Kích thước 2 × 100 × 100 cm

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