It was inspired by a walk I took near the Ashdown Forest, Crowborough area, in November. The deer stands watching, in that challenging way stags sometimes do, and is ready to lead the viewer elsewhere if they decide to walk the path. I painted this as I often see deer on my walks around Sussex and Kent and I often get the feeling they know how to access places that I can’t get to. Of all the woodland animals, they are the most ethereal as they can appear and then vanish so fast. Typically with a flash of white bottom that is quite dismissive and makes me laugh. Traditionally, deer are heralded as spirit guides in many cultures so I am not alone in being enchanted by the mystery they have. I created the feeling of movement towards the stag in this painting by blurring the edges and making them out of focus whilst making the deer and centre quite sharp and detailed. I then painted lines of perspective that lead to the aperture with the stag at its heart.

Kích thước 2 × 80 × 80 cm

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